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Gibson Jack ( Gast )

09.08.2023 10:56 - Legal corporate services Antworten

Confidus Solutions deals not only with offshore companies and banking, but also provides all relevant corporate services that your business may need. Our professional team of lawyers and tax advisors will take care of your routine corporate paperwork easily. We can ensure all required support, including legal framework and personal assistance, and these are things that provide our clients with the comfort they truly deserve.

Our corporate services include following offers, but are not limited to:

AML solutions;
Company dissolution;
Insolvency and bankruptcy procedures;
Drafting corporate documents;
Acquisition of licenses and permissions;
Nominee services;
Asset protection and planning.
We highly value needs of our clients, so we can offer you more services on case-to-case basis. Even though our central office is located in Europe – our numerous co-operation partners around the globe can help us find unique solution in any part of the world!

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